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With 33 years of experience in the industry first as a buyer for Neiman Marcus then as sales representative for today’s top labels in Intimate Apparel, it was only fitting that Mad Mac was born.  Designer Owner, Rita Harris, had spent years developing, launching labels and looking for the next collection of lingerie to introduce to the consumer.  That opportunity presented itself when Neiman Marcus asked Rita to develop a collection of lingerie for their Last Call stores – the birth of Mad Mac.  Mad Mac is named after her daughters – Madison and Mackenzie – her best creation.  With the addition of Sue Ritzman, a sorority sister, as Co-Designer and head of production, the team was formed.  With Sue’s extensive background in the contemporary and swimwear industry, she brought many years of experience and knowledge that was instrumental to the development of the Mad Mac Brand.

Mad Mac’s mission statement changed from off price retail to retail when Rita wanted the product made in the USA.  As a daughter of a Mid-West farmer, it was only a natural progression.

Mad Mac is defined by its FIT, FABRIC and COMFORT.  Once our customers try Mad Mac, they never look back – they are our customers for life.  Our exclusive micro-brushed fabric makes our lingerie the softest lace ever to touch your body.  Our signature animal print liner is a woman’s secret and a man’s desire.  Our comfort is the accumulation of our fit and fabric which makes Mad Mac Lingerie feels as if you are wearing nothing at all.  Our trademark is “The softest thong you’ll ever wear”. Our quality is superior and we will stand behind our lingerie 100%.

Mad Mac is a form of beauty, art and creation.  Indulge yourself with intimate luxuries.  At Mad Mac, we want you to reach inside and feel the difference.

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